adidas originals + sid lee: house party.

It’s been a while since I got all sloppy talking about one of my absolute favourite brands ever – Adidas. So today I was ready when Limited Hype released “House Party.” Part of the big-ass global campaign that’s beginning to evolve for Adidas’ 60th anniversary in 2009, this spot, created by Sid Lee Montréal, gets all grainy and nostalgic for the kind of jams we all knew and loved before anyone owned furniture they cared about.

It’s still 2008, but mark my words: 2009 will be the year of Adidas, and this shit will be everywhere. Now watch it and play spot the celeb. They’re here. And they are partying…

(Director: Nima Nourizadeh.)

That’s right: Russell Simmons, David Beckham, N.E.R.D, Method & Redman, Jeremy Scott, Yung Jeezy, DMC, Missy Elliott, Katy Perry, Estelle and probably a few I’ve missed. If you’re reading this and you’re famous, you need to find out why you’re not in this commercial, and then you need to fire someone’s ass.