jemapur + kosai sekine: beneath the water surface.

Ok, so digging around on Kosai Sekine’s site after the last post I discovered another video he’d directed for Jempaur. Happy times.

Again, Sekine’s work, this time for “Beneath The Water Surface” is ridiculously awesome.

adidas originals + kosai sekine: split up service.

I first started following Japanese director Kosai Sekine after I saw his stellar vid for Jemapur’s “Maledict Car.” He does that whole light-filled-Tokyo-nothing-is-ever-as-it-seems-here vibe so well. His work has a sheeny, clean vibe and always feels like it moving down a very, very fast highway.

I don’t even know where to start on Adidas anymore. It’s my favourite brand in the world. I’ve spent a lot of time raving about how much I love Adidas (here, here, here, herehere, and here, too. oh, and here. and here and here… and one more here).

So yeah. Will someone at Adidas please hire me already?

When Adidas Originals UK and Kosai Sekine teamed up to make “Split Up Service” I knew it was guaranteed win. And so it is:

jemapur + kosai sekine: maledict car.

Director Kosai Sekine and W+KTokyoLab created this slick new video for Japanese electrogroup Jemapur’s new single “Maledict Car”. There’s something very slow and dreamy and urban about the whole thing, with that sort of “all who wander are not lost” rambling feeling everything relating to Tokyo seems to have.

This vid reminds me of one of my favourite books of all time, the brilliant David Mitchell’s “Number 9 Dream“. If that book was movie, this would be it’s soundtrack.

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