datamoshing: kanye west + nabil elderkin: welcome to heartbreak. chairlift + ray tintori: evident utensil.

Datamoshing is the new tiltshift. I guarantee. Now it’s just a matter of who’ll do it well and which big company will soullessly make a campaign out of it “because the kids think it’s ‘dope.'”

A few days ago Kanye West unofficially released this killer datamosh masterpiece for “Welcome To Heartbreak”, directed by Nabil Elderkin. What Björk is to alt music vids, Kanye West is to hip hop. Sure he’s a megalomaniac with Tourette’s, but god damn he’s got some kick ass videos. He’s not afraid to push the envelope, and for that you can’t help but respect his artistic drive. I still wish he’d take some Percs or something, but whatever.

Laying some foundation to the datamosh trend, last week  Chairlift released this Ray Tintori (Court 13) vid for their track “Evident Utensil.” This is the more home-grown, underground, makeshift and raw use of the effect. Obviously not as big-budget as the Kanye vid, and with a little less gloss, but still an interesting way to mess around with data compression.

So now there’ll be some arguments about who did this You can also check out datamosh work from director David O’Reilly

Via Culture Bully


  1. Kanye West’s first career productions came on Chicago rapper Grav’s 1996 debut album Down to Earth. `;*

  2. Finally it’s hitting mainstream :) I’ve used the compression artifacts for scene blends in Futures, but it got rejected by the label since it was considered too experimental some years ago…

  3. takeshi murata was the first afaik, Sven Konig did something similar with a script in 2005, I came upon it independently in 2007, ray tintori & others got it from me. I don’t know where David OReilly stands in relation.

  4. thanks

    very good


  5. and to think this whole time I was messing with the Processing 1.0 environment trying to make something that really is just bad encoding… This datamosh imagry looks beautiful. The Chairlift video is so over the top incredible, I really hope this genre doesn’t go the way of those stereoscopic static posters we had in the 90’s.


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